Quartz Countertops in Portland, OR

According to many countertop experts, quartz is the new up and coming countertop for customers because of its unique features. So, what makes this countertop so different?

  • High durability & little to no maintenance
  • “Bullet-proof” type countertop materials
  • High resistance to heat, water & freezing damages
  • Does not require annual sealing to maintain its look
  • Easy to clean with average household products
  • Bacteria & strain resistant surface

Installing Quartz Countertops Throughout Homes in the Portland Metro Area

Quartz has to be rated as a “7” on the Mohs Harness Scale, showing it is considered to be even more durable than granite. Mohs is a means of testing the hardness of a stone countertop, and quartz is among the highest of the scale.

We use these brands:

This form of countertop comes in a variety of color options ranging from whites, rose colors, browns and many more. Please contact our office today to schedule your free in-home estimate by calling (503) 628-9651 !


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